Dreamy Darjeeling

It was late afternoon and the mist was slowly erasing the landscape around us. 

We finished up our tea on the side of the road and began our ascent up this tiny mountain road, a detour from a ‘normal’ road that was blocked from heavy monsoon rains. Our drivers made nearly impassable roads seem like childs’ play, passing vehicles hiding in the mist and nepali homes impossibly resting on cliffs. We arrived at Glenburn Tea Estate in the dark unaware of the beauty that surrounded us.

Its lush and full of wonder as spiders hang over head and Guatemala grass as tall as giants loom about. More of Glenburn is inhabited by rainforest than by tea plants.

As we wound around the mountains we couldn't help but feel as if we were in Disney's Jungle Book looking for Sheer Khan. Tea here is an art and echoes the creation surrounding it leaving visitors in suspense as every cup of tea changes them...

...and let me tell you, I will never drink tea the same.