Tea Xotics Bath + Body Collections

Tea Xotics Botanical Bath + Body collection is a gift of love to our customers. We have created this line with great thought and care using the finest essential oils & attars from the middle east with healthy botanical ingredients to be enjoyed by all. Some of our Collections are

The Goddess - inspired with Lemongrass and Patchouli essential oil

The Empress - coconut inspired

Tahiti Sunrise - and inspiration from spending 30 years traveling to the islands to visit our parents

Wild Rose - a beautiful wild rose scent

Wild Lavender - inspired by the beautiful lavender that grows in our county

Gardenia - a beautiful romantic fragrance

Cocoa Fig - a favorite of many

Coming this holiday 2018

Aurora - inspired by our grandaughter due on Christmas day 2018

The Magi - a Frankincense & Myrh a sent prized for centuries