I Love Drinking Chocolate Gift Set

Tea Xotics
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A Chocolate lovers dream set of locally roasted Cacao beans from our friends at Cru Chocolate in Sacramento, California!

Gift Set includes

1 eco can of Papa's Cocoa (65% Drinking Chocolate) - 7.5oz - 8 - 8oz servings

1 eco can of 72% Cacao Straight  (drinking chocolate) - 6oz - 6 - 8oz servings

Hand blended + crafted + packaged by Tea Xotics

Notes: deep rich chocolate

The 72% drinking chocolate is hand blended with organic coconut sugar and is on the medium to high side of dark chocolate, we love it with heated milk or whipping creme!

The Papa's 65% drinking chocolate is blended with organic coconut sugar and premium coconut milk and is on the high side of milk chocolate,  just add hot water and enjoy!

These drinking chocolates are an antioxidant superfood and loaded with many health benefits. 

Enjoy from the Tea Xotics and Cru Chocolate Family!


Papa's Cacao 

Our favorite way is boil 4oz water in a small sauce pan or bring to a boil in the microwave and add 4 large Tbs. of "Papa's Origin Drinking Chocolate"  let sit a minute or two and enjoy the amazing smell and the excitement of whats coming then wisk and enjoy the most amazing cup of origin drinking chocolate!

Another amazing option is to put a scoop of gelato we especially like "Coconut or Vanilla Bean" in a small dish and pour the drinking chocolate over and top with fresh whipped creme... but skys the limit here Oh my!

This one's for you Pops! Inspired by our "Pops" Son, Brother, Father, Friend, Retired Fire Chief and Military Officer. 

72% Cacao Straight

Created for you dark chocolate lovers out there! Our favorite way is the style we experienced in Madrid Spain, heat 4 oz heavy whipping creme, wisk in 1oz 72%, top with some whipped creme. Absolutely WOW

The Healthy Benefits of Origin Chocolate

  • Dark Chocolate is considered a antioxidant superfood
  • Dark chocolate has free radical fighting ability meaning it can help fight against environmental toxins were exposed to on a daily basis
  • Potential cancer prevention, can improve heart health, good for overall cholesterol, and so much more
  • Organic fair trade coconut sugar is nature's perfect sweetener and is low on the glycemic index and contains more nutrients  and has 16 vital amino acids.
  • Coconut milk has the ability to build up the body's immune defenses and prevent disease
  • Coconut milk helps build muscle and loose fat, provides electrolytes and prevents fatigue