The Goddess Beauty Gift Set

Tea Xotics
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Lets Goddess up, you Divine Creatures!

A hypnotic & passionate love potion gift set that is sophisticated, relaxing and inspiring. The goddess scent is made of lemongrass and patchouli!

Hand made + crafted + packaged by Tea Xotics


A beautiful Gift for anytime with

The Goddess Aromatherapy Mist *4oz

Goddess Perfume *15ml

The Goddess Body Oil *2oz

Goddess Facial Serum *1oz

Aphrodite Pixy Color *2oz

Athena Lip Bronzer 

Goddess Soy Candle



  • Essential oils and botanicals have been used for thousands of years in various cultures
  • Many botanicals and herbs were used for healing and luxury as well
  • One of the oldest written records on medicinal plants, dated 1500 B.C., is the Egyptian Ebers Papyrus. In India, the Charaki Samhita, dated 700 B.C., documented the uses of more than 300 medicinal plants.
  • Essential oils were placed on the Earth to benefit our health and provide rejuvenation. Dr. Axe
  • Patchouli offers an aphrodisiac effect 
  • Lemongrass inspires a sense of clarity and relaxation