Basic Tea Brewing


Often times tea may taste bitter because it has been brewed too long or at to high of temperature.

Try these brewing techniques out to get the most out of your tea!

(Use Filtered Water for optimum taste)

  • Black Tea: 2–4minutes, 200° (boiling water)
  • Green Tea: 2-3 minutes, 175° (under boiling) look for the tea leaves to uncurl and its ready
  • Sencha and Gyokuro Green tea - 1-2 minutes, 165 degrees when tea leaves uncurl
  • White Tea: 2–3minutes, 195°
  • Oolong Tea: 4 minutes, 200°
  • Herbal Infusions: 4–5 minutes 175° (under boiling)
  • Matcha: Stir 2 grams in 175° water (under boiling) & whisk for about 30 seconds til matcha is frothy!