Super Tonics

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All organic super tonics created for health, vitality, wellness & revival, using blends of orgaic botanicals, super fruits, super veggies, herbs, and Organic Japanese Matcha. No Sugar Added! The tonics are a great addition to smoothies, cocktails and in baking. Enjoy!

To Brew
Add 1 teaspoon to cold or hot water as a 2oz shot or in a 8oz cup of hot water. Great with a touch of honey. 


 #177 Vitality
a blend of Sea Buckthorn + Pineapple Fruit powder + Mango fruit Powder (all organic)

#178 Wellness
a blend of Ginger + Turmeric + Lemon Fruit powder + Cayenne (all organic)

#179 Revival
a blend of Japanese Matcha + Lemon Fruit Powder + Kale powder (all organic)

#180 Energy
a blend of Japanese Matcha + Mango Fruit Powder + Cayenne (all organic)

#181 Immunity
a blend of Pink Dragon Fruit powder + Pineapple Fruit Powder + Cranberry Fruit Powder (all organic)


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