165 Comfort My Sleep Herbal Tea

Loose Leaf Tea
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A popular Herbal Wellness sleepy time tea with organic chamomile, rooibos, passion flower, valerian root, roses & flowers

Steeping Instructions

  • Quantity: 1 teaspoon per 8 oz /250 ml.
  • Water temperature: 195ºF/90ºC. Bring fresh, cold spring water to a boil and pour to steep
  • Steeping time: 4 minutes.
  • Infusions: 1

This tea is great iced too!


  • Herbal tea is very calming and soothing to the mind, body and soul.
  • Herbal tea is a caffeine-free beverage that has lots of wonderful health benefits.
  • Herbal tea can help with insomnia, calm a troubled mind and can be a great source of vitamins and minerals
  • An herb is any plant that produces seeds, has a non-woody stem, and dies down after flowering
  • Herbal leaves contain a potent combination of proteins, enzymes and sugars, all of which are beneficial to health. 
  • A tisane is an infusion  of aromatic herbs and plants served hot or cold
  • Tisanes Consumed for their therapeutic properties, as well as their relaxing and rejuvenating aromas
  • Chamomile offers help in the areas of sleep anxiety and purification
  • Iced Chamomile after a work out provides recovery
  • Passion flower helps induce sleep and helps with inflamation
  • Valerian root helps with insomnia, anxiety and high blood pressure