The Goddess Gift Set Lovely

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the Goddess Lovely Gift Set is a great gift for someone or how about you? Our most popular scent in our boutique with Lemongrass and patchouli. We also have other scent options like, 

the Empress  - a lovely coconut scent

Gardenia - a beautiful gardenia flower scent

Lavender - a French lavender scent

Tahiti Sunrise - take me to Tahiti with mango and vanilla scent

Wild Rose - a lovely Rose Bouquet scent


Gift Set includes

Sugar Scrub - 2oz

Natural Lip Balm

Body Oil - 2oz

Body Mist - 2oz

French Green Clay Masue

Botanical Tea (1 cup)



Sugar Scrub - a lovely scrub with cane sugar, organic coconut oil, shea butter, lemongrass & patchouli essential oil and mica mineral powder sparkle!

Natural Lip Balm - coconut oil, beeswax, natural flavor and color

Body Oil - inspiring and uplifting lemongrass and patchouli scent! Organic almond and grapeseed seed oil, organic jojoba, vitamin e and essential oils.

Body Mist - H20, witch hazel, lemongrass & patchouli essential oil

French Green Clay Masque - french green clay from france

Botanical Tea - one cup of chrysanthemum flower for your health & wellness


All packaged in a gift box with a label and a tag!