025 Sgt. Earl Black Tea

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A signature Tea that has a creamy bergamot vanilla flavor not your traditional Earl Grey.

hand blended + hand packaged + responsibly sourced 

Would you like to have an adventure now, or would you like to have your tea first? Peter Pan


Bergamot, vanilla creme!

Type: Black Tea

Origin: Assam, India

Steeping Instructions

Brew:  1 tsp of Tea  /  8oz (250ml) H20

Temp: 205° F (96° C) Bring fresh, cold spring water to a boil and pour to steep.

Time:  3 mins

Infusions: 1x 

This tea is great iced too!

Product Reviews

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Sgt. Earl
Written by Meghan on 29Dec2020

I love this! I’ve tried many Earl Grey teas but this is the only one I buy now. Nice vanilla n floral notes, perfect for cold winter mornings : )

Sgt Earl Black Tea
Written by Sarah on 16May2020

I am a daily tea drinker and this is my favorite black tea variety! I love the vanilla floral notes; it gives this tea a delicious exotic flavor that I love to enjoy every morning.