108 Matcha Simply Sweet Tea

Loose Leaf Tea
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Awaken you're mind and energize the body with a blend of premium Organic Japanese Matcha and cane sugar. 

hand blended + hand packaged + responsibly sourced

 We source only Matcha from Kyoto, Japan which is considered on of the top producing areas in the world for Matcha!


Slightly sweet, summer grass

Type: Matcha, Green Tea

Origin: Japan

Steeping Instructions

Brew:  2 tsp of Tea  / 12oz (355ml) H20

Temp: 175° F (80° C)  Add hot water, whisk and enjoy!

Infusions: 1x 

Enjoy hot or iced!

1.0 oz = 4–6 8oz cups or 4 16oz iced cups


 Matcha is known today as the healthiest, rarest and most premium of all the tea varieties of Japan. Created over 800 years ago by Buddhist monks as a meditational drink. Matcha is grown in Kyoto, Japan under excellent conditions and is plucked by hand. Every leaf is produced carefully and tested.

Matcha is extremely rich in 3 very important nutrients that are of high interest for healthier lifestyle living; Insoluble Fibers, Antioxidants, Catechins, and L-Theanines and has high concentration of green tea antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and fiber.